“Frequently Asked Questions”

There are many questions asked which we can cover here and help to both speed up your possible enquiry and our ability to furnish you with both designs and quotations.


All designs and quotations are free, and though we can give a ballpark estimate for your required job, each design is bespoke and we prefer to give a full design and quote based on full specifications.

An idea of your budget, style of sign, van design etc helps us to design accordingly. Though we can give staged quotes, with for example simple flat panel signs to complex back-lit trays, the more information we can have initially saves time and costs and ultimately makes the procedure easier and simpler for both parties.

If you can email specifications of vehicle, shop fascia etc along with your requirements and if possible photos we can in most cases supply designs and quotations within 48 hours. From then we would look to site visits if necessary and the completion of the job within an average of 7 to 10 days.